Devylle is going to take Toronto by storm and the next step is to take it worldwide.
The Beginnings Growing up in Toronto Devylle’s first love was rapping. Having modeled the runway during his early years, Devylle acquired a taste for the spotlight and knew that he wanted more.

It began when Devylle and his younger brother would rap over other artist’s songs using a tape deck. However Devylle’s grandparents were strict and were against this road for their grandson. Even his father had other plans for him, so rapping was out of the question. But this didn’t stop the young artist from gaining inspiration from Canibus, LL Cool J, method man and Wu-Tang. Later, in high school it was reggae artists such as Beanie Man, Sanchez, Buju Banton and Bounty Killa which peaked his interest. At this same time Devylle gained experience as a dancehall DJ alongside his best friend. When Nelly came out with Country Grammer in 2000, Devylle changed his focus back to hip hop with an even greater determination to follow his talent to the top, despite what anyone else had to say. Taking it back to hip hop while in high school, it was artists such as Nelly, Timberland, 50 Cent and Eminem that inspired Devylle, along with his producer uncle Docta, to start writing.

With everyone in school already calling him Nelly, with the talent so obvious, it had begun. During high school, Devylle in an effort to placate his grandparents and father went into the graphic design and advertising, but all the while pursuing his talent and passion for hip hop. The Road So Far In 2005 Devylle put out his first mixtape entitled Men of Movements which he wrote and produced entirely himself. The results were a success in every way. Toronto’s hip hop scene loved what Devylle had to offer. In September of the same year, his single Holla Bak made its way onto the Roots Canada Compilation.

In 2006 Devylle released another single entitled Do You Like That, produced by himself. Do You Like Dat made it on the Z103.5 Hit Mix which was sold in every music store across Canada. It was also featured on the Flow 93.5 flow mix Compilation. The success of the single resulted in performances with Genuine, Chris Brown, Massari, Elephant Man and Nas. He also performed in Toronto nightclubs in front of overwhelming numbers of fans.

In 2006 he also toured Europe with his music. The reception was an overwhelming success.
In December 2009 the mixtape Wrapping was released. Included are collaborations with Stereos lead singer Pat Kordyback and Lomaticc. Wrapping has received praise from industry heads such as Jhevon Paris, Mark Spickola (Universal A&R), 4Korners (Toronto Raptors DJ) and many more. Also featured on the Wrapping mixtape are two of Devylle’s new artists, Roze and City Boy.

Devylle also has a passion for film.
As an aspiring actor in 2003 he appeared alongside Jessica Alba and Mikhi Phifer in Honey.

Coming Soon Devylle is currently working on another solo mixtape with a release date to be announced. It promises to be groundbreaking.

Devylle will be going on tour at a stage near you. Dates are going to be announced shortly. So stay updated and do not miss Devylle LIVE.

Devylle is constantly working on something new. Wherever he may go in the future one thing is certain: it’s soon to be a RAP.